How many times can a jockey whip a horse? – Los Alamitos Horse Racing Results Chivalry Code

And what was the secret to a jockey’s success?

If I can remember, my father told me that a jockey once “spanked” a horse for a “mistake” when it went in the wrong direction. He was a jockey and he said it was called “slipping.” This meant that the horse would stop the wrong way and then try to whip back. I didn’t understand this and it was like one of those bad stories I heard as a child when I was younger, so many years ago.

Jockey’s Secrets – Part I by William Stirling

Jockey’s Secrets – Part II by William Stirling

In the 1960’s the first ever book by professional horseback jockey, Edward R. Green, “The Horse Race” was published. It introduced the art of jockeyship to the public. It also helped establish many jockey techniques, tips and tricks for riding a horse.

In Part 1 of this “How to Ride a Horse” story, Jockey’s Secrets, you will learn:

What is a good, accurate jockey seat?
Zara Phillips enjoyed a fun day at the horse racing in ...

How to control the horse and guide it.

The correct amount of horse’s weight and how to raise it up for gallop and land.

How a horse must be moved from place to place, in order to get the perfect angle of approach to your horse.

Why an ideal horse would be a “perfect stranger” for you

How a horse can be moved around in “flowers” in order to get a perfect line of riding, to “flatten” the horse

How to teach a horse not only respect but also friendship

How a horse can be taught to “jump on someone” and do a lot of gallop.

The very essence of a good horse and rider –

How riding lessons are more important than winning, because the only ones who really won are the ones who actually learned!

You’re looking at The Greatest Skill a Horseman Must Develop; Riding.

If you want to learn jockeyship, you know this is true. You need to train your horse from the day it is born til it gets old enough to fight with people on the streets of your city. If you want to teach a horse to ride then you will have to learn the horse.

You need to give the horse its first lessons and then keep it with you.


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