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Is it a sport? Is this a sport? What makes this an industry? What did it all begin with? I’m still not getting the answer. In the 20 years since the horse racing industry came into being, I did see many other industries. I saw steel, I saw paper. I saw everything. I went to a lot of these institutions. I saw they all were wonderful institutions, except for horses. I saw that, and those people I was going to talk about were, in fact, the horses—the little horses, of course! Horse racing, then, is a really wonderful industry that has served a big society very well and, it seems, has done so much good and so many great things for a lot of people. But those guys behind me, they never say a word about horses. Do you understand why? They would say, in a general way, that it’s such a boring industry that there’s no point for it, or that people will be so disgusted with the sport that they will quit. But I didn’t say any of that. I never thought for one second that there was a reason. At least not a positive one. The fact is, we live in a society where so many people are dissatisfied with their lives, and what makes them discontented is usually their lives in one way or another. They feel dissatisfied with their social status, unhappy and lonely. And why is the horse race such a good one to be in? Well, it’s fun! It’s a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. It’s a great way to come home to some pretty good old times. We all have a pretty good time when we go horse racing. There’s lots of things about it that make it all seem fun and delightful and lovely. All of the people I talked about at the university were in some way concerned with one or another of the little things that make horses seem like an insignificant part of life. But I was very puzzled, and I don’t think I was being very helpful, by trying to point that out to them; in fact, I might have been even a bit offensive. I don’t know, but I just thought maybe it’s easier to think of some thing positive than to think of a negative. But all these things are very difficult for people to put your hand on and get their heads around or understand. If I’d done that, I might have made one of the people I was talking to quite disappointed or even angry. But it was my job to try

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