How many bets are there in Canada? – Horse Racing News Headlines

$400.55 million of bets

Canada’s betting industry is worth $400.55 million. It’s not a great industry: In fact, it’s not even a particularly good one — in most ways the Canadian betting industry is a bit like the United States’s Internet gambling industry. If you start in Ontario, you’ll quickly find the industry resembles the betting industry in the United States. In both countries, the majority of the bets take place in large casinos, and the games are often boring, too.

But in Canada there is a lot of money at stake, and there are a lot of betting-winnings being made on all possible points of the game. In fact, the Canadian betting industry generated $1.4 billion in wagers in the last six months of 2013.

And while some sports are more popular in the United States than in Canada, you don’t often see an American professional sports team winning in a Canadian tournament.

Canada has a lot of betting, too

Just as the United States has lots of gambling, so do Canada. There are three major gambling markets in Canada: Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

Of course the province of Manitoba also has three major betting markets.

All three markets together account for more than a third of total gambling revenues – more than $744 million in 2012. The betting industry has an active economy, so these three markets make up more than one quarter of all betting revenues in Canada.

Bets are made in two main ways.

Ticket sales. Most of the bets in the Canadian betting industry involve tickets purchased on the Internet. For example, Ontario now generates more than $100 million a year by selling tickets online for online poker, and Quebec is the largest market in terms of online betting in Canada after Ontario.
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These bets are not necessarily illegal, although betting in the country would be illegal even if both Saskatchewan and Manitoba were to legalise private parties betting in casinos. They are simply more profitable on the Internet, where they come from fewer hands and they don’t have to go all the way to a casino.

Gambling in this country relies heavily on the online industry. The Internet gambling market and its betting industry alone made $1.5 billion in revenue in 2012, enough to cover the government’s $700 million annual budget.

Canadian online gambling is dominated by BetOnline, a leader in the region where BetOnline controls most the betting markets. These markets account

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