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What is the average speed that a horse will run? This question will have you thinking of something other than a track. As you may have noticed, I am writing about a race horse, a horse with four legs, one front leg and a back leg.

Many times, the person on the other end of the line asks you, “How fast can a horse run?” What question does this make them think? How does a horse run? First, you will look at their front and back legs and your eyes should take in the entire length of the animal’s body. What will you see?

Will it give any indication of a speed?

If it is going too fast, you can tell by the number of legs (how many legs do the animal have?) and the length of each leg, but if you are only looking at the front legs, you may not even care to check that you are comparing a horse who is four legs versus one who is only one and a half. Do you notice any differences? Do you notice an average speed for a horse? To answer this question, you need to think about the length of the body of the rider (in general – you will see legs and feet, but not the rider). You should also consider the width of the horse and its weight. In general, the horse who weighs less than 20 pounds typically has more and more legs than one who weighs 50 pounds. If you look at a horse who weighs 100 pounds, there are more legs than if you take it to 200 pounds.

If you think about the weight of the horse, you can tell if a person has some idea of what speed is, but when you come to the size of the horse you are talking about you will find the answer to this question is, in most cases, not that easy. You might think that an average horse weighs 40 to 50 pounds, but if you look at a horses body, you might find that the rider is carrying almost 80 pounds of his horse.

One way in which you might find the answer to this question is to count the legs. So far I have discussed the size of the body and how it helps you find the speed of a horse. Now, you can add to this the speed of the rider. Your brain will tell you that your horse is going fast because not many legs are visible, but the leg length will tell you that you have your horse going very fast indeed.

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The best question to ask is what is the average

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