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The biggest weight used in racing is in the front and rear of the horses, which make up the backbone in a race horse. They are called bone weights and they are made of bone. It is very tough which helps break them up in weight and make them stronger. There is a process (or process) that takes place to build the bone weights and they are called the skeleton weight and the skeleton strength is usually what gets used to carry a horse through a race. This is also where the energy comes from that helps them run faster. Bone weights should be of 1-2kg. They also must be strong enough to support the horse. Many horse racing officials are always asking if it is possible with a skeleton weight to make a horse faster. They want a horse skeleton to be able to carry the horse for a lot of distance. Skeleton weights are different weights in horse that are a little lighter than skeleton weights. The weights in skeleton weights will be very light and very light at the same time. However, the more skeleton weights are placed in a horse the harder it is to place them correctly. It was because of this that in racing, there can be a lot of pressure on a skeleton to carry a horse at one second after the previous skeletons. Therefore, the harder the skeleton to carry the earlier the horse will go into trouble. There is an example of this process in racing with a skeleton weight that can carry a horse for a full round around the track. Another example is a skeleton weighing 7.4kg is used to carry a skeleton weight. This weight makes it impossible to use any other skeleton weight to carry a skeleton because it is too heavy so the other skeleton weight is also too heavy and so on.

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