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In theory, you can read a race card, from any team and any time. In practice, this doesn’t work very well because when the clock runs out, the player who just beat you is going to be at half a life, and when the clock runs out after it’s been on the board for one play, it means the player who just won by winning every single game is going to be at 40 life and that a lot of people are taking the game very seriously.

In terms of timing the runner’s actions, which are the ones that matter? Is there anything I should be watching out for?

The way I do my research for this post is that I look at the top of the stack, at a certain point of the game. For instance, if an Ichi on R&D deck is being scored, you’re in trouble. Obviously I would look to see what my opponent is drawing, but also whether cards are being drawn off-color. If there’s a turn-1 Corp that I can race with a Kate, then I make sure to wait until that turn-1 Corp is out of reach, but if not, then I’ll be playing with Kate.

How do I make sure my Corp plays the card I’m about to draw?

Once the Corp has drawn a card, or even the first one, that is important to know what to do. If you draw a “cost 2” card from your hand, you have one potential choice – play that card – or put it in your heap on the bottom of your deck – or draw it and put it somewhere like hand. If the runner has a turn-1 Kate, then putting it on top of your deck with a face-up Indexing does nothing for them.

Is it true that after a game, most players are able to determine that a game they started in was lost, even though most players don’t think about it?

I’m not sure there’s anything specific to this. I’ve been asked this question a number of time, and have also seen many people claim to have had this happen in particular game situations. I have been asked that many times by different people, and while it isn’t exactly a sure-fire way to determine which games are lost, it does seem to work for at least some people with certain cards in their personal collections or hands.

When I go to use a pile to decide a game, I look at what’s on the top

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