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First off, it’s important to note that this is a race. You, as a runner, are running to earn credits. This means that whenever possible, you are running for credits rather than credits in order to make runs that will help you win the race. This is a race from beginning to end.

It means that when a Runner encounters a race, he must choose whether to run, or how much money he will spend on credits based on the circumstances, such as what other runners are running.

You do not get credit for a run that’s done for other reasons. (So, if you were playing against an AI and wanted to go for credits, then you would choose to run or spend money for credits.)

A Runner must choose to run or not on a race card.

What’s a runner’s limit?

The run limit defines the maximum amount a Runners’ deck can contain. A runner’s deck can contain no more than 9 cards.

The player with the top card of his run limit decides what cards are counted as running.

Can I use more cards than my run limit?

Yes. (If there are any cards in your hand, deck, or play area that you wish to use, you may do so.)

Can I use more cards than my deck?
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Yes. (If there are any cards in your hand, deck, or play area that you wish to use, you may do so.)

You lose your card if you are finished playing for the current turn. There is no limit to the number of cards that a runner may use in a single run.

How do I run?

Run using a card.

When do I start my turn?

If you play a card, your active turn begins.

What happens if I have 3 or more cards in hand?

You have 2 remaining turns.

Each turn is treated as a separate play step. For example, if you played a card, then had a runner encounter a race card, your subsequent turn begins. During each of your turns, the Runner may pay 3 credits (at the start of each player’s turn) to use up any number of cards (up to 4) that he or she holds in his or her hand at the start of your turn, as long as he or she does not have more than 2 cards in that player’s hand, at the start of your next turn

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