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How do you rate racers in your own horse racing team?


If I have to rate horses I rate everyone, no matter what, horse for horse. A horse race is a game of skill, skill is to win horses, to have horses at your race. If you do not know how to do that, your skill on the track will not be as good. A good horse is a good horse.

The average race carter will never be the best, nor will the best horse ever be the best. It’s a race, and the results are a result of the skill of the competitors and a result of chance. There is a chance in every race, you don’t know a thing about it.

If I rate a horse “Excellent”, I mean it’s going to keep on racing, if it can. If I rate a horse “Very Good”, I mean it’s pretty good, but I am not sure. I am looking for someone who is in the top ten for a particular race.

It may be a good horse. But it may be a good horse and it may be a bad horse.

If I rate a horse “Fine”, I mean it’s good but I don’t know, but there isn’t enough time on the track to make a decision on it.

If I rate a horse “Fair/Poor”, I mean it is fair to say he’s not going to be a good horse and won’t be a good horse but won’t be an awful horse either and he’ll be good in the first race but not that good in the third or something like that… but he’ll be fair to say.

These are the best horses. They may be bad, but they are excellent. The one’s I want to beat to win, I want them to be average, but that’s not important. They don’t know the game.

I don’t care how much you know about horse racing, if you don’t know how to measure and evaluate a horse, then you don’t know, if you don’t judge a horse by those measures, then you are not going to judge a horse.

The way I evaluate these horses is by judging how they perform.

One has to use his mind. It’s not in the eyes. There are no eyes on the horses. They race with nothing but each other and the ground.

I’m looking for a fair horse to be able to ride

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