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Well, that’s how I play knockout in all sports. In tennis, I always go for a win.

In tennis?

In tennis, if I get the ball, then I’m winning the match. In baseball, I go for the win, regardless of who I’m playing. I can be competitive, I’m not a loser by any means. I’ll be honest, that’s who I am and what I’m good at.

And that’s all great, I’ll play if someone asks me to. But when I played against Tiger Woods, when he beat me, it was because I was a loser. I wasn’t competitive at all. He was the same way about me.

That’s why he won. You can be a winner, he’s a loser. It seems natural.

Yeah it’s natural.

In tennis, you can be a winner. A guy who has great tennis court manners like Roger Federer is a winner. He doesn’t make anyone lose. He’s playing to win.
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And so if you’re playing with, let’s say, Tiger Woods, he won’t play to lose that match. He doesn’t make everybody lose. He just makes himself a winner. The guy’s competitive, but he doesn’t make everybody lose. He’s a winner. Like me, he is competitive.

So if you’ve played against Tiger Woods, what do you think about his winning-loss record?

Well I’ll tell you, I lost to him in the first-round to a guy that I was playing. I’m a loser, I don’t play that way. I play to win. The first time I played I won the match. The match I lost I was upset with myself, I was upset with the game. I was upset with myself for trying to play too hard and not playing smart, not playing the ball well. But I’m here today to tell you guys, I played well, I won, I didn’t fall victim to anything.

When I played the second-round against Roger Federer, I know who he was, just as I knew this guy was going to come in there and take my head off. Because it was me who was making the mistake. I thought he was too good for me. I told myself that I had just lost to him and now I had to make up for it.

I just couldn’t do it. I told myself, I’m

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