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We’re going to ask three horse owners to pick the race. The three winners will be crowned in the final round of the 2014 World Cup. One winner will be crowned every year for ten years and the top four horses will take home $75,000.

The Horse, the Winner, and Everything Else

The horse for the final round is the winner of the Breeders Cup Classic in October; last year’s horse, the winner of the Breeders Cup Classic in March, and the horse that won the Breeders Cup Classic in April.

The winner at New York’s Long Island A.F.S.T. Racing Club is a 6-year-old named Fortuna whose mother was named for the Roman goddess of the sea, Minerva, and father is named for the Latin God Mercury.

The name was suggested by the club’s president, Mike Meehan. The horse will have to win five times before it can be crowned the winner; he had beaten three other horses before his last win.

Meehan said Fortuna was on his wish list a year ago when all of his horses were selected.

“When Mike first asked me for a horse, I said, ‘I’ll take it at this point,'” said Meehan, who owns New York’s Horse Park, a seven-year-old showhorse, four-year-old showmule, two-year-old show-junk and one-year-old mare. “I didn’t know which horse was going to go first. I’ve never seen anything like Fortuna or anything like this horse. I had one guy on my list that had a horse I didn’t want to take out. I think that when Mike comes to us it’s because he really wants to have that horse taken out and he didn’t want to lose him.”
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While the club has had no problem making the cut, the breeders’ association is going to try to make sure there are enough healthy horses remaining to be able to qualify.

“We’ve always had a good season and we’ve had a lot of horses that have given the people who watch it their best,” Meehan said. “My best guess is there’s probably going to be some horses that we can take out because there aren’t as many stable horses in the US as you’d think. The other horses that we take out have gotten away.”

Will the winner win $75k, or

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