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Sebastian Kessel, Seabiscuit’s owner, told Reuters he lost contact with the bird on the night of May 26.

He said on Friday: “He was probably playing with a pair of toy pug dogs.”

Kessel added: “I was at his farmhouse at the time. I looked up to see him get shot through the wing.”

On Wednesday local bird watchers reported seeing the carcass of the golden eagle lying in a field on an island off the coast near Svalbard.

A BBC report on Wednesday was followed by a barrage of emails and messages on Twitter.

Image copyright EPA/NIKOLA STRAINE Image caption An angry Twitter user tweeted: “How are you going to catch Seabiscuit when they are so aggressive in the wild??”

Many were critical of Mr Kessel for hunting the endangered bird.

One person Tweeted: “How are you going to catch Seabiscuit when they are so aggressive in the wild?”

Others, however, defended the bird.

One wrote: “I am not against the killing of an animal – I am against the killing of an endangered animal.”

There has been no claim of responsibility in the killing but reports say Seabiscuit was shot in an accident.

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The bird could easily have been protected under European Union rules and would have required an international permit.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature said in a statement that Seabiscuit “probably” would have been protected as a critically endangered species by 2016 under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Image copyright EPA Image caption The animal is the most common North American bird

Kessel told Reuters he had applied for the licence in January 2012 for a commercial hunt but was denied under EU rules.

The permit allowed killing up to 100 birds. He says he killed 200, and that his bird was killed in April, before the EU rules took effect.

A court in Norway had asked Seabiscuit to be killed at sea in a court case last December.

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