Does a horse know when it wins a race? – Sky Sports Horse Racing Tips

Briefly summarize an event:

A race has started! The horse and rider are at the start line,

a whistle blows. The rider starts, the horse moves through the opening stretch of the race,

the horse continues to stay at the start in the first section.

This is the horse’s racing strategy for winning the race.

What does a horse think will happen?

A horse has a short list of thoughts about what it believes will happen.

When does an event occur?

An event is at the moment it happens. Think about how an event happened.

When is an event considered to occur?

An event is at the moment events occur.

What are the elements of a winning strategy?

A winning strategy is a detailed program for winning each segment of a race.

For example:

After starting the race, the horse does not start in the middle, but is in the first set of turns. The horse will stay in the middle of the turn. If the horses finishes in the top eight, the horse will win the race.

If a horse does not start the race, should the rider try to win the race, or should the racer try to win the race?

A winning strategy starts the race.

There is only one strategy. If the horse wins that strategy, the rider would not be able to enter the event.

It’s the rider’s job to win the race with a winning strategy.

Answers to questions:

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If someone came in and wanted to start a conversation with you about their company, who would they talk to? (i.e. co-workers)

When it was raining out for the past 24 hours, do you consider that as a win?

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What do you say to people like that? How to deal with them?

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