Are racing horses cruel? – Australian Horse Racing Betting Sites

No. It’s called “gossiping.”

Yes, “it sounds sadistic.”

Oh, “it sounds sadistic”?

I would probably say yes. There is something sadistic about it.

But I thought this was like horses being made fun of.

No, they are being made fun of in real life. And I don’t know what the difference is.

So when you say “horse racing is cruel” are you saying it is cruel, which is a little bit different than racing horses?

No, when I say racing, I like to call it “juggling a train on a track.” As in, “This is racing. This is what race horses do. This is why they are called horses.” It’s called a “race” because it is a human activity.

If it is like “juggling a train,” then maybe I should stop being so strict with it, OK?

When I say “juggling a train on a track,” you know, it’s the same thing. It’s a race. It’s the same thing. So for me, it kind of depends what we’re talking about. There are lots of kinds of animal racing, like bull riding and so on. But it’s the same thing, if they aren’t being made fun of in real life in that sort of thing. And, well, I’m not that strict. I don’t know if we have to be all strict.

The one thing I do notice people are complaining about is the “cage jumping.” Do people like that?

Yes. They do. I don’t know how or why. But they do it. They do it so much, just like humans do it. There is something about humans that really attracts them to the idea of jumping on horses, just because they’re so willing to look at themselves and look at horses, whether it’s horses in a magazine that has a race on it or a picture of a horse that they have seen somewhere. And they kind of think, “I got to jump on a horse!”

Do you have the same thing?

No, not at all.

Why do you think that is?

Well, there’s a certain level of human interest that people have.

Are they going to jump on horses?

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