Are quarter horses faster than thoroughbreds? – Horse Racing Calculator For Sale

As a general rule, the faster a horse is, the greater the advantage gained by the “whole horse” method.
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Quarter horses need greater speed, endurance and agility to perform well at horse races (although these qualities have never been shown to help a horse do well at running races, only in other types of racing).

It used to be the common practice for the thoroughbreds to be trained to be faster on the trails, so as to give them the advantage at racing. But this has been shown to affect their performance by affecting their running and getting them off the racecourse too quickly.

For more about this, read an article about training in the racing world.

Why do some mares wear their hair long?

The hair on the mare itself is made of keratin which does not naturally extend over her body.

The hair is actually part of her body, so the mare has no control over how this body part is being cut.

The idea is to cut as close as possible to the horse’s skin so as to prevent any unwanted hair or fur reaching her genitals. The mare’s hair can then easily be trimmed without causing her any pain or distress.

This often causes less hair to fall out; the longer it grows, the less it will fall out.

The other explanation is that some of the mare’s hair is too long to be cut by other mares’ scissors. A short cut would also leave the mare with less hair to trim when she does get hair on her tail. These arguments are the subject of many discussions in the racing community.

Some racing authorities also argue that there are certain mares who do not need the long hair to look “sexy” (although they may not actually be cut short anyway).

The longer the mare’s hair is left, the less she will need to be trimmed (she can go out a lot earlier). But in some cases a full wig, including all the hair, will be required to look “sexy” without being too short and with a long hairline.

What is “whisky blonde”?

Whisky blond: a light grey in colour with dark brown or white patches across its breast and head.

What is it used for?

Whisky blonde is a natural dye which will not affect the quality nor appearance of the hair.

It is used on mare’s heads on all kinds

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