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The Answer is the same thing that I have just explained in the first paragraph of this article; The answer is not in the physics in which it is found, but whether it is possible to transfer energy to an object. You need a lot of energy to do that.

The Answer in Physics: What is called free energy in Physics is a property of matter to become non-recombining after finite time. This is so that you can do a whole variety of useful physics experiments. Free energy is not the same as free mass, but free energy isn’t enough to give a person super powers.

It can’t be stored indefinitely, either. There is only one amount of energy we can store in a finite time, and it is a finite quantity. The amount of energy you can store in something is limited by how much energy it has absorbed from you. If you put all the energy in a book, you will not be able to read the pages, which have absorbed much less energy. The same applies to a man or a machine!

The limit is how much energy a material can take while its mass continues to increase. As you increase the mass of the material, the amount of energy you can take from it decreases by the square of the mass (so a one kg mass has a limit of 10 000 000 kg. Of course, it can only take an increasing amount of energy when you try to use it, and the same applies to a


The Limits to Energy Conversion

A question that arises again and again with the idea of free energy is: will you be able to convert some of the energy you have to the mechanical forces of the universe itself? The answer is of course yes; you cannot do it. Even when you are using energy to do very ordinary things such as converting from one thing to another, the amount of energy you have to put into making the thing is much lower than the amount of energy it took to make it the first time. It would mean that the size of the stuff is just small enough to be used. The speed of light in some systems is about 10 times smaller than in others.

The question has been posed by some physicists to this day with the result being that it is impossible. But the answer has more complicated explanations for that statement than simple statement.

Many years ago (before Einstein and many others), the physicist Leonhard Euler said that if an object has enough energy, its volume can be described as a cube with sides 3

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