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Tesla or Edison? I’m sure Edison came first. I think the electric horse was invented a while before that. I’m certain that Edison won out, even though he’s not remembered as fondly.
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How long will it take for the next battery to be invented?

A long time? Well, if you’re using the same old batteries as the batteries I used in the 1920’s, that could take forever. They’re going to need to upgrade the technology and make bigger, harder batteries, which is going to take longer.

How quickly can batteries be replaced?

I think about three years for an automotive battery to be completely lost. Then they’ll have to figure out how to make replacements. They’d better make the right technology for the task. But my car has probably spent six years in service. I’m sure others have done that.

A battery isn’t just a battery. It’s a system. It is the basis on which things work. If it works, it should stay in service. If it doesn’t work for some reason, you can replace something or it doesn’t last the full battery life.

What about my car?

I’ve noticed that some people like to have the car serviced twice instead of once for regular battery replacements.

Why should I care about battery technology?

If you put the right type of battery in it, it will last you a lifetime. They’re very cheap and easy to replace. When I go to get my car serviced, I always pay a little more for the service because I expect to get a good working battery. They last long enough, so people trust them and use them for years. If you’re driving your car right now, you can’t even replace a single battery.

Can someone replace my car battery in less than three minutes?

I’m actually sure about that. I was out a few months driving to an appointments with my doctor and had my battery replaced before they picked me up at the office. It doesn’t take me long.

I’m on the fence about an upgrade.

You probably shouldn’t be. There is no need. All the Tesla cars that I’ve driven – which is pretty much all of them, including the Model S sedan – are still fully operational without any problem during our driving tests. If you get a Tesla today though, it will take a long time to replace your batteries. The average life of a new Tesla model is

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