Who is better Tesla or Edison? – Free Energy Equation And Reversibility Principles

Edison is the one who invented light and the mobile phones. Tesla invented the electric chair and the vacuum cleaner. So, is Tesla better than Edison? They are two different guys. Tesla invented the lighting, and Edison invented the vacuum cleaner. Tesla might be better than Edison, but Edison invented the electric chair, so they’re not equals. Edison created electricity in batteries. Tesla has invented wireless communications, and Edison built radio and television. There are plenty of things Edison didn’t do.

The difference is that Edison invented light, and Tesla invented wireless communication. It’s like Edison was born on March 17 and Tesla was born on April 11.

Why is Tesla better than Edison? Well, he invented the light, and not only did people love him for inventing wireless communication, but Tesla was also a brilliant inventor like Edison. We now have computers that could write codes, but we don’t have anything like the wireless communication that Tesla had, so he is more than equal to Edison.

This is very important for the future

Tesla made a very major technological breakthrough like the telegraph and electrical light. He also invented the radio and the vacuum cleaner. These are two things that made him the most famous people in the world.

If we want to make the world a better place, we must start thinking like Tesla. He was the most famous inventor of the time, and he put together all the tools at the disposal to make that happen. Tesla understood that technology has a tendency to go wrong, and he understood that we can’t predict and we can’t predict what will happen. That is why he created the Tesla Coil.

The Tesla Coil is a coil with so much power that it can give people electricity. We have these really high voltage things, but for the Tesla Coil it’s a little bit on the low side. You can only use it for emergencies or very short-term things and if you want to have high energy you have to use nuclear power or coal power too.

The Tesla Coil can give us high voltage, but it can only give us a very low energy source

The Tesla Coil will be the same thing as that on a submarine. So that it will give you the power you need, but it won’t provide you the right heat you want. We are going to have a superconducting super capacitor that will give us a very high energy, but because of that you can’t build superconducting cables and wires that deliver that power to us without using nuclear

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