Who is better Tesla or Edison? – Bayesian Model Evidence

Tesla because he is better at things, while Edison because he doesn’t have such weaknesses. But, there was a major breakthrough in energy, that we all know happened because of Thomas Edison. The fact is he took the ideas of Louis Pasteur and James Watt, and combined them with that of Charles Jencks.

“We have learned from them, and they have used these new principles that we call Edison energy. That’s what makes it perfect for me. I’m not a scientist, it’s Edison. I’m a scientist and I love science!” – Edison

“And that’s why this is not a religion, I am not a religious man. I’m just an engineer.” – Edison.

I have always liked Edison’s stories. He is a guy who is smart, but not a smart guy. I think that’s one of the reasons why he made it to the top. What happened when he joined the Edison company? He thought that they should be in the oil business. It turned out to be the other way around.

How did Edison find out about James Watt as his superior? James Watt told him, “You’ve got it all wrong,” and that was the beginning of Edison. There is no question that Edison is better in his field than Edison, which means we owe him a debt of gratitude.

His company in his childhood was in need of an expert. Edison chose to go after William Morris, who would become one of the first companies he made a name for himself in. William Morris’s name now gets used by most of the modern companies. Edison wanted to make electric lights. For this, he used William Morris’s technology and patents. In turn, he became a big fan of him as well, and would always visit him.

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But he was also making other things. The famous light bulb came about because he was studying electricity. He was also a huge fan of photography. One of his inventions included a photographic camera.

He was always learning new technologies on the job, because he wanted to keep up. Some of his inventions included steamboat engines, water skiers, airplanes, the motion picture system, sound, etc. The whole list is endless. I think what separates Edison from every other individual in history that I would put his name to is a deep desire for knowledge and invention. His work really is a form of art.

One of the first inventions that Edison made was what is called a light bulb. He said it was the ”

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