What would happen if energy was free? – Spontaneous Gibbs Free Energy Equations For Itc

Why do we believe humans have an intrinsic relationship to energy? What would happen to the social structures we have constructed to help get food, water and water supply to humans in our own homes? Or, perhaps more immediately to us, if we could eliminate this dependence on the food we grow? Could it lead to an evolutionary crisis that required all food to come from nature? Could it lead to the end of the world as we know it? It depends on which story you want to believe, in which country you find yourself, in which way you find yourself.

All we know about energy is in the energy story and that energy is a product of an interaction of four things:

1) Our species’ need for energy when they want to reproduce. For instance, when a predator is in the neighborhood and we are hunting we need a resource. Humans have been producing energy ever since the first Homo erectus roamed across the earth, and as we have migrated from a nomadic lifestyle to a sedentary, settled lifestyle, the resources needed to hunt and gather have changed in ways most of us had forgotten. We have gone from using our hands and feet to make our own fire to making our own flour, and even to producing our own alcohol. In short, because of the energy required for these different processes we depend on many more resources now.

If we could get rid of the need for energy, without even the need for fuel, we could not have the need to hunt and gather as we have been doing. There are other things we could do instead, such as growing crops (instead of relying on fire or fuel), moving around the world (instead of relying on our neighbors) and even using machines/automobiles/robots to accomplish these tasks. But there is one thing we cannot do: we cannot use natural food sources without energy.

2) Our need to reproduce. The human body is our engine. And a healthy engine produces more offspring. Humans depend upon the fertility of our environment to the extent that natural resources (such as water) can’t be easily removed. We have been using that fertility as an energy and reproductive driver, and we rely on that fertility to our detriment.

Because of this, we also depend upon the fertility of our environment. Without constant and continual exposure to natural resources, our environment might not be fertile and healthy and we might be shortchanged. To quote from the famous saying of an African tribe: “We are the children of Eden.” So we, at

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