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There are two different ways such energy can come into existence — there is the first type of energy that is “free” to be generated by the processes of nature, or the second type of energy which comes from special creations of the creator. The first kind of energy is usually more difficult and more dangerous to obtain. The second type of energy can be used for many purpose. The most important of them is to control and grow all the elements of the world through scientific research. The second type of energy is called “hidden” energy and is not very useful. It is only useful to control peoples and religions into conformity with the New Age beliefs and practices.

According to the Bible “The sun stands still, but the moon moves.” The sun is always moving. This is called “The Plan.” The Plan has been laid out by the Lord for all humanity and is known as the “Law of Moses.” This is a secret knowledge and one cannot “put it to this use” without “sacrifice of blood.” In the Bible it states that “God is the author and finisher of all that He has made: and the whole creation waiteth for His great wrath to be poured out.” The word “wait” has been translated variously as “will,” “pray,” “wait for,” “look for,” etc. The word “will” has been used by the Lord to refer to various steps as it relates to the creation of a New World Order. The word “wait,” as in the Bible, has also been used to refer to various events that are not strictly speaking “forbidden” but are still considered by some to be inappropriate in a New World Order. Thus, in order to prevent a “Great Tribulation,” the Lord has made several “frequencies” in which things can be done and some things could be tolerated because some “frequencies” do not go “above the level of the earth.”

Frequencies are called “gifts” and are also a gift from the Lord to our humanity. The plan called “The Plan” is in the Bible called The Gospel, and the Lord has written the Gospel of Jesus to prepare us for the Second Coming, and that is the second type of energy. It has always been the intention of God’s people to have it before the Lord’s Second Coming in preparation for the Lord’s Second Coming.
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For about 50 years, all religions including the Catholic Church have been teaching that Satan is the true God, and that God is just

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