What would happen if energy was free? – Free Energy Grants

There is no real problem in having the energy, but how is one going to distribute energy? If I want to be efficient, I’m sure I’ll figure some way around it, but if I wanted to be very efficient and not be wasteful, I’d be stuck with the cost of production. Or does the efficiency of energy exist, but somehow cannot be converted to free energy?

The first is the simplest, since all we need to do is add a little extra energy to all existing energy systems, at the point where we want to add more to more. For example, it’s possible that adding an additional kilowatt to an existing coal power plant requires a lot more energy than adding an additional kilowatt of solar.

The second is harder, because of the possibility for the energy to move around: a doubling in power generation needs a lot of energy in more directions. When energy moved around to a gas generator, the gas took up some energy. By taking the same amount (and in the same way) of energy to get from heat, into cold air, and so on, the amount of energy needed to move the heat across a room has changed. It changed from a 1:1 heat to a 3:1 heat, meaning that when the heat moved from the radiator to the heat sink, the heat flow in the radiator increased, not the heat flow on the side into the sink. It would still be a 1:1 heat flow, but the energy flow changes. The same was true with electricity, and with heat and air movement, etc. But we can’t do this with energy alone, because the energy will still be moving around.

The easiest way to get away with this would be to convert all energy into heat through the use of a turbine or a generator. And by going into cold air and going back out again, we got a lot more heat from the same volume of energy. However, that means that we were still working with something that was more energy efficient.

So the simple answer to “why can’t energy be free” is: energy will move around with it, some of it will be lost, some of it will be converted to heat, and some of it will be lost through the movement of bodies and things. The easiest way to deal with this is to get rid of heat.

But, of course, doing things this way doesn’t solve the energy free problem! How can I get rid of heat without the whole energy being lost?

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