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At this time, Tesla was one of the smartest men of his time. As a result, when he was asked by Henry Ford what was the IQ of the Model T, he instantly answered – 70! Now, consider that a Tesla Motor Company was started in 1908, before Tesla was born. However, by that time, Tesla was already an accomplished inventor who in 1919 published his very first patents on alternating current power (AC/DC) systems. Tesla actually wrote down his results (IQ of 100) right before his death (1942). Now, when you add up 70 with an IQ of 70, that’s actually a pretty great IQ. What’s truly remarkable is that Tesla lived through the peak years of the 1900s when more than 30 million people were forced to live in the shadow of the industrial age.

“Tesla believed that man was superior to nature, in every way except in intelligence. He said the most intelligent man was a man who could invent 100 new types of cars. Even that would be considered an “insane feat”! His intelligence was so staggering that he said that if he could invent 100 new types of cars, he would then be the last man alive to have invented 100. Of course, that statement was absurd. He believed that most new inventions came from the brain of a child.”

– Tesla’s Life and Times
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Tesla was also noted to be incredibly creative and creative people, which led him to write The Golden Ratio (an attempt to correlate mathematical functions with the universe) in 1932.

The IQ of Musk

In 2009, Elon Musk became the new Chairman of Tesla Motors, a huge manufacturer of electric cars and electric bicycles that made headlines in 2008 after it was revealed it spent $1.75 billion in the first year of the company. In 2009, Tesla Motors became a privately held company, which meant Elon Musk had no control over that company. Now, he has control over the company as it grows, thanks to the $5.5 billion investment that Musk and his companies had made in Tesla in 2009. However, after this investment, there was a change in his approach to the business. On his blog (automotor.net), Musk says the following about the business:

“Tesla needs the cash, because it doesn’t have a lot of cash, and has only three cars left after the Model S. We are now going all-in on EV technology, and looking at all of the ways you could power cars on the grid, as

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