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The IQ of Tesla was higher than almost anyone in the world at the time and still today. According to a study by Stanford University, at the time Tesla and other pioneers are credited with inventions like the light bulb and radio, the IQ for Tesla was about 160. A quick perusal of Wikipedia will provide further evidence to show this.

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Is Tesla’s IQ so high because he is from the future? Or, is his IQ actually higher than most people in our modern world because of the fact that he was born before World War II?

Tesla had a very high IQ as measured by IQ Scores and was in fact named ‘the most intelligent man on earth’ by his peers. He was also described by psychologist and mathematician Dr John A. Watson as being ‘the most remarkable person in history.’

According to Tesla’s childhood friend, Tesla was described as being ‘the most gifted man of mankind, by a wide margin.’

In a book written by Tesla’s close friend, Charles A. Bohm, who was a physician and a pioneer in the field of electric engineering, Tesla was considered to be “the most brilliant man of his age,” describing him as the most creative, most brilliant and most brilliant. Tesla was also described by his friends and colleagues as having an unusually intense interest in art and history. While Tesla did not exhibit any particular talent, his genius is also often recognized.

Tesla had some notable achievements in inventions. In 1901, Tesla discovered a special material that he named “tungsten carbide” that could be used in a much wider range of applications than his earlier inventions – for example electric lighting. In 1921, Tesla’s Tesla coil was used to power the world’s first permanent and powerful radio transmission line through a mountain range.

Is Tesla’s IQ so high because of genetics or does his IQ actually make him the most intelligent person in the world today?

Both genetics and IQ are considered to be part of a larger IQ measuring system called the intelligence quotient (IQ). There are a few differences in how IQ tests are administered in different countries, but generally speaking, IQ scores are considered to be the best indicator of basic cognitive skills. However, the main issue when it comes to intelligence testing is determining how you score on an IQ test.

A well known factor to consider is gender. Although gender is usually ignored when it comes to IQ tests, as such, both males and female can possess high average IQs and be gifted when it comes to math,

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