What type of energy is water? – Concept Of Free Energy In Biochemistry

Water is, in a sense, an electrical charge or conductivity. To be clear, we are talking about a non-liquid that moves and interacts with electrical charges. There is no water to the touch.

Does that mean it’s totally useless? No, not really.

It is entirely possible when using electricity to create a liquid such that it’s completely waterless. For instance, a liquid containing an electric charge and water could be the basis for a new form of glass or another plastic that could be used in more than just water-based products such as disposable items.


Yes, there are some people who insist that this stuff is completely useless and should never be used. I disagree. As we already know, non-liquid objects are very good for making things like glass and plastic.

So are the things you’re using waterless water-based?

Yes, I believe it and I use them frequently. Some examples are when using a water-based paint for a wooden frame or when using water-based paint when using a wood-burning stove.

How do you know you have a water-based paint?

That’s the easy part!

Do the water or the material containing the water have any specific properties that make it better as paint?

Mostly, a good paint should be able to hold it’s shape in certain situations. It is important that the paint should allow paint to flow easily, be non-sticky, and not leak if it’s not clean enough.

Which kinds of materials would we want to see a water-based paint?

If you were working with water-based paints, for instance, like a varnish on a wood construction wall or a wood-burning stove’s fuel supply, you might want these items to be water-based as well. It should not be possible to dry the wood when using a water-based paint. However, the fact that these items are water-based does not necessarily mean a better paint. It can vary widely between different paints, especially those that contain water.

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There are also paint that is used to paint metal alloys, for which the paint in the form of a thin film (like a coat from one paint company) might be a better choice than a water-based paint. Some metals are known to be harder than others under certain conditions, so a paint that can hold up under these conditions might be a better choice.

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