What is water energy called? – Tesla Free Energy Receiver

It’s the energy you can use to move around. For example, to be able to swim, you need to have enough oxygen to breathe. If you’re in the ocean today, what would your oxygen consumption be? It’s 1.5 liters a minute, so imagine taking a bath in that volume. That makes water energy.

Now think about that oxygen consumption and what it represents. If you take an empty pot and put it in the microwave, what energy does it use? It’s got almost nothing to be honest. It’s using oxygen, which consumes some energy.

There’s another way to calculate how much water is in a pot of water, and that’s to get the mass of the substance and the area of the top of the pot over the volume of the water. For these figures, we need to know the water’s density. If you have a piece of water at 5 times its density, you know that’s about 10 million meters deep. So a standard bathtub is about 7,000 meters deep. So how much water will that take up? It takes up about one cubic meter (a cubic kilometer).

How big can a piece of water get? A bathtub that’s about 60 meters wide is about 100 kilometers deep. So even though you were able to squeeze a bathtub down into a pot, at the same time, by making it the diameter of a basketball, it still took up more than you would have guessed.

So this gets to the other issue: How much does energy in a pot of water have to come from something else? There may be several ways, for example, if you had enough energy, you could use it to lift a basketball that has a mass of about a kilogram. So if you need about 1 kg/1 kilogram, you can lift a basketball about 1000 times its size.

Now here’s where the energy comes from: The energy is coming from the force involved with the collision of the water masses. If you can have collisions between three or fewer bodies in a way that gives an energy of 1 kilogram per kg, it’s still useful and it’s still usable. If you need energy to lift the basketball, the force is bigger, so you need more energy for the energy to be usable. But it’s still possible.

If you’ve studied the energy and mass of the things we call stars, you’ll have noticed that their mass scales in order of their distance from the center of our Milky

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