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If you are a scientist, an engineer or simply have a very high technological level, you already understand in a basic way how free energy and magnet work. But for those of you who are having trouble understanding it, we made this short video as a simple introduction towards the subject matter of Free Energy and Magnet.

This little video is intended as a quick guide to understand how free energy works, free magnetic fields and magnet. It is designed to help people who want to know the basic terms and concepts so that when they get stuck, they don’t need as much help to solve it in the first place.

So if you want to master science or technology and still have trouble with it, then Free Energy and Magnet will certainly help you!

How does Free Energy and Magnet work?

Why does free energy and magnet work?

Why does free energy operate in a circular way?

Free Energy and Magnet work in a circular fashion, like free electricity does.

Free energy and magnet always have the same amount of magnetic field around them.

Free energy has a strong force around it, and when you add the force of gravity, it keeps it in an orbit around the earth.

Magnet is an attractive force which attracts the free energy.

If there is a strong magnet around a magnetless surface, the free energy and magnet will move around in a circular fashion, and in an orbit. If there’s zero free energy, there will still be a strong magnet around it.

This video explains how free energy and magnet work.

Video credit: Wikipedia

Image credit: Wikipedia

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