What is free energy with magnet? – Free Energy Machine

When two magnets have an effective field and when the resulting magnetic force is not balanced, we say that both magnets have free energy. The term free energy means that the effective force of attraction between two magnets is not equal. When the force of attraction between the two magnets is greater than the effective force of attraction between them, there should be a significant change of the resulting magnetic flux in the two magnet. The energy is due to the increase in the electrostatic potential of the two magnets.

In this case, the energy due to an increase in the electrostatic potential of two magnets is the increase in the magnetic flux generated between them.

One explanation for this is the influence of the magnetization of the earth’s mantle on the electrostatic potential. Magnetic flux can be generated between two magnetic iron plates by increasing the electromotive force between them. This magnetic force in turn produces a magnetic effect where a magnetic field develops between those two plates, thus increasing the free energy of the magnetization.

Another possible explanation is the magnetic field of the Earth’s magnetosphere. When an increase in the magnetic flux occurs through this effect, the magnetic field, like that in our magnetic field, also increases. Therefore, the change in the magnetic flux can be seen as a change of the magnetic field.

In the free energy, the difference between the free energy of two magnets and a change in the magnetic flux should not change the number of degrees of freedom because a single degree of freedom equals a change in the magnetic flux. But because the total free energy increases when two magnets have the same magnetic flux, a change in the magnetic flux can have a positive effect on the total free energy between the magnet and other objects (as the degree of freedom increases).

Another effect of electric charge is the electric field generated between two points and this field can also be attributed to the electric field of the earth. The increased electric field can be observed if two points are connected together with an electric circuit with an electric field present. The net electric field is that of the field of the other electric circuit connected with the magnetic point which is opposite to that of the primary circuit.

In any event, if the electric field is strong, a magnetic field is also strong; just the matter makes no difference.

When it comes to free energy between two magnets, the change in magnetic flux does change the magnetic field because it causes an increase of the field strength. The intensity of the electric field decreases as the number of degrees of freedom becomes larger

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