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A magnetic conductor is one that makes electrical contact with earth only. A magnetic conductor is a conductor that cannot be electrically produced and is therefore called a free conductor. One of the defining characteristics of magnet is its very high ability to maintain magnetism in its high magnetic field and not in an extremely high magnetic field. As a consequence free energy has a large magnetization value (kG) to the degree that its magnetic properties are similar to the magnetic field strength. It is thus more or less the opposite of a magnetic particle, for which it is known as a free magnetic particle (FFP). There are two main groups of free energy carriers: free protons (fmp) and free electrons (ffe). The magnitude and structure of the magnetic field strength is important, as it determines how the free particles will migrate between the earth and the earth’s magnetic field. Free protons travel in a straight line as they travel around a magnetic field, but as they hit the earth the electrons will not follow this straight path but will break away into two groups: free electron and free proton. This is how free protons become very hot and hot (thermodynamic) and can be considered a thermal free electron. The two groups will move back and forth from a high in the earth’s field to a low field.

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What is magnetic flux density?

Magnetic flux density (mag flux density) is the amount of energy in a magnetic field that is in direct contact with the earth’s earth surface. The more that energy is in contact with the surface, the larger the magnetic flux density is. The greater the magnetic field strength, and the more the magnetic field strength is in direct contact with the earth’s surface the smaller the flux density is (see illustration).

What is the field strength?

The field strength is the amount of energy in the earth’s field that comes into contact with the earth. The higher the field strength, the lower the magnetic field strength.

What is the magnetism?

Magnetism is the property of a conductor, consisting of a net magnetic force that attracts the magnet. This magnetic force is not constant in a magnetic field. This is called the magnetic flux density. Magnetic flux density is a measure of the magnetic field strength. The term magnetic field strength is not a specific quantity of magnetic force, but indicates the overall strength of the field. It is an average force that must be taken into account when the magnetic field strength is calculated. The higher the

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