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It’s a device for magnetizing a magnetic field that is generated from a coil of wire-in-wire coil (magneto induction device).

What is magneto induction device (MID)?

There are a lot of different magneto induction device. It’s used in commercial space travel.

Which one is most suitable for the magneto induction device with wire-in-wire coil (magneto induction device)?

These device are designed for most magnetic field generator.

Magneto induction device using wire-in-wire coil also named as magneto induction device (MID) has only two coil-solar current coil:

In this coil, the electricity is divided into several branches.

Current flowing from the coil reaches the solar current that is distributed all of the branches.

It has also shown that it’s a useful device for space travel .

What are wire-in-wire coil (wire-in-wire coil) and magneto inductece?

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Wire-in-wire coil (wire-in-wire coil) is very common in many industrial applications. It is a wire coil that is insulated coil of electrical wire.

It are used in high voltage circuits and the magnetic field is created in a coil.

It is different from simple magnetic induction coil that have only two coils to generate magnetic field . These are very big and can reach a diameter of hundreds of centimeters.

If you would like to learn more:

Magneto induction device with electric magnet (magneto induction device) with two coils

How to magnetize a magnetic field

It is possible to magnetize a magnetic field by using two coil of wire or by using an electromagnet.

How to magnetize a magnetic field

The magnetizing process takes place during the induction process of magnetic field.

It can be done directly with wire-in-wire coil or at a fixed position inside the earth.

Magnetizing process

For this, the coils are heated in a controlled way. The higher the magnetic field, the more the heat is produced. This increase in magnetic field causes the wires to get more and more heat.

This process is performed in three stages.

Stage 1 – the coils are hot enough. The heat is enough to magnetize the current and the current is transmitted through the coils to create the magnetic field.

Stage 2 –

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