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The concept of free energy was first proposed in 1887 by physicist Arthur Eddington. His proposal had the following two parts: ‘energy is a property of mass which manifests itself through the vibration of space-time. [E]ffi¬≠cency is to be distinguished from relativity. Relativity is that which describes the motion of objects relative to one another, and efficiency from the application of energy.’

Eddington believed that free energy, i.e., free energy can be produced through a form of gravitational radiation as light. He also believed that the only source of free energy was within or around our own Earth.

There were many proponents of his concept from the early 19th century, but no consensus was reached. There remained a great deal of speculation in order to prove the existence or validity of his ideas. By the 1960s it had been demonstrated that space-time can be vibrated, and the concept of free energy (which had been proposed by British physicist James Clerk Maxwell in 1869) was accepted.

It should be noted that there have been other groups or individuals who have pos­sessed a strong and widespread interest in both the physical and the theoretical aspects of the subject, which has helped to create this body of research.

What is the current state of the research?

The research is still ongoing to find the properties of free energy and to improve and standardize methods to measure and analyze it. The search has not been without success; in fact, the findings have been astounding; for example, in a study published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry in July, 2004 by researchers from Oxford and Cambridge University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, it was demonstrated that they could produce the same amount of energy using the same amount of energy and time as was previously reported by physicists.

Currently, the methods and materials to measure and measure energy have yet to be devised. There is one method that is currently working in India that has been proven valid. In this method, scientists apply laser beams to different regions of water to measure the amount of energy they can release during the process. Scientists also believe that a future method could be developed in which one could use laser energy to create an artificial particle and then detect it in order to determine the energy of energy released during the process. Finally, an international team of physicists continue to be studying the phenomenon using different techniques and materials.

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