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A free energy concept, defined as a system in which all energy used by a system is used in a completely independent way, is a fundamental principle of life by definition. The concept is often used to describe systems that take no external energy from the earth or other bodies to operate, either by using only the energy available in space or by using all the energy stored (in the matter of matter) in a system.

Examples of free energy principles are hydrogen, helium, helium-3, hydrogen-2, neon, sunlight, and electrons. For further information on this subject, see: The Physics of free energy.

Does the earth create itself on its own?

No. The earth is the only body of matter in the known Universe where all the elements are stable. The sun, moon, and stars are all unstable and disintegrate over time. Thus, there is no stable object in the universe which can cause itself to become more Earth-like.

The atmosphere is also the most unstable in the universe. Because the atmosphere holds no oxygen, it will eventually collapse and destroy any living organisms that come into contact with it.

Earth is not perfect. As Earth is round, the atmosphere must be slightly thicker than it is at the equator.

What is “matter”?

We cannot say what the nature of matter is. The simplest way to imagine matter is to imagine a giant ball of gas which is in contact with a fixed mass, such as an atom. This is called the atomic model. The atomic model is an extremely simplified and incomplete description of the nature of matter. However, there are still important basic features of atomic theory.

What is the “quantum of matter”?

The first fundamental law which governs all known particles is that

a) Matter is made up of quarks, antiquarks and gluons

b) No particle can have both positive and negative charges

c) No particle can occupy two spatial dimensions at once

The particle quarks and antiquarks are what make up most known particles. Each of these is a particle, with the exception of the gluons which are like other elementary particles (see Section 7.3). However, the gluons which are used to describe the universe (e.g., electricity, gravity) also exist in quantum states as long as no energy is emitted or absorbed by the quarks and antiquarks within them.

Why does the universe look as if it is

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