What is a free energy device? – Free Energy Equation Delta Skymiles

A free energy device (FED) is a device that generates energy (light, heat, electrical or electromagnetic energy) from renewable resources (such as sunlight, wind or water). To receive a free energy device, you must: obtain any resources that are used in the manufacture of such devices from the relevant government and government agency; and

provide your information to the relevant government to establish your qualifications as an energy resources expert and for registration as a FED operator.

In certain circumstances, your employer can allow you to provide your own FED to your employees and to suppliers for the personal use of such employees.

What is a ‘government organisation’ and how do I register my FED?

A government organisation is an organisation that has been designated under the Resource Management Act 1996 (RMA) as having the purpose of producing a record of economic activity by a person who is resident in the country in which the records are made so long as the records are made in the country in which the office with responsibility for implementing the records is established.

A government organisation can be an:

government of a state or territory, or a federal government;

police force;

a public authority;

a district or local government body;

a non-profit organisation;

a foundation;

a national bank, trust company.

You must register as a FED operator if you act in a way that could affect the resources of a government organisation. As a registered FED operator, you are allowed to:

identify individuals, businesses, local government areas or other government departments, including the Australian Taxation Office (ATO);

provide information to the ATO;

identify projects and undertakings within a particular category of government department or project or undertaking;

identify the resources (including fuel, electricity, water, gas, telecommunications or other energy) produced by a proposed project or undertaking and the amount of that resource (including the cost of production);

provide you with reports and analyses relating to or relating to the proposed project, including reports relating to any related environmental considerations;

identify the resources being produced, or the cost of production, for a proposed project or undertaking, including reports relating to any related environmental considerations;

identify the location where the project will be established, such as in a municipality;

identify the names or titles of suppliers (other than you) of the resources

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