What are the main sources of energy? – Free Energy 220V Generator Circuit Diagram

(and) What does the “peak oil” scare tell us? – James, USA

“The world has been blessed with the gift of abundant energy resources, but we haven’t been blessed with a supply of energy that is of use to us…the current energy system, despite its enormous and growing size, can hardly sustain the world’s population – and we need a drastic reduction in population.”

Is The ‘peak oil’ argument a new illusion? I believe it is, as the world is rapidly approaching (or has already passed) a point where the planet will enter a ‘post-carbon’ energy ‘peak’… What we’re not aware of are signs we may be in for an even more profound transition…

– David, UK

“There are plenty of people who argue that we will reach a ‘peak oil’ with no more supplies to be had, but it’s a load of baloney! There are plenty of people out there willing to sell you oil, but I’m not in that crowd.

“The main sources of energy in our environment are the sun and Earth, and the only real way to extract these things is via nuclear energy. The world can’t really afford to ignore this, if the world is not going to have any more oil to sell. That means the real question is what to do with the remaining sources of energy. I do see no reason why nuclear energy cannot provide a reasonable way out of this and the world will need a solution if it is to remain healthy and thriving.”

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By: Jennifer L. Anderson

AUSTIN, Texas—For the first time in history a woman will have a first-time run for high office in Texas when Wendy Davis wins her third term as state senator and becomes the next governor of the Bluegrass State.

When I was born a little boy in 1965, there weren’t enough abortion clinics in the state to begin to meet Texas requirements for abortion access. Today those guidelines were expanded to include abortion providers whose facilities are within 20 miles of a women’s health clinic.

In her new capacity as a gubernatorial candidate, Wendy Davis has introduced the most comprehensive strategy to eliminate an unsafe-water standard in Texas, helped to pass universal access to pre-abortion counseling, and fought against discrimination against women on the job,

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