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The main sources of energy (kWh/month) on a year-by-year basis can be as follows (not including waste heat in the home):

Which of the following reactions would be the most ...
Fossil fuels: 5,000

Hydroelectric: 400

Renewable energy: 400

Water: 320

Natural gas: 140

Oil: 70

Hydropower: 10

Natural gas (other fuels): 15

What are the main forms of energy?

The following charts use both kWh/month and kWh/year to compare the energy systems (generating, consumption and waste) in each of the 50 states (with the exception of Connecticut and New York, which only used kWh/month from the 1960s until the mid-2000s). The differences between the two are due to the fact that the U.S. Energy Information Administration uses a slightly different method for estimating the energy systems to reflect the varying rates of economic growth (see the table below).

The chart below shows the average energy use/hectare for each state in 2005-2006 (using the 2005 Census).

The following chart shows the total energy systems for each form of energy (i.e. non-energy systems, generation, and waste). The chart shows that coal and natural gas have the highest average electricity consumption levels across the states; however, electricity use varies by region. The chart shows that the most common electricity consumption form in the western states is natural gas, while the most common in the east is coal.

What is the electricity use of electricity in each states?

Data for electricity use are gathered from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA uses a standard “E” number to represent energy usage, and then divides the total energy usage by the E number. For 2005, the E number reported by the EPA was 16 billion kWh/year. If you are interested in more information on the EPA’s energy numbers, please see the EPA’s Energy Reference Tables.

There are several ways to view this data. The first is to use the EPA’s calculator at http://power.epa.gov/

Another way to view data is to use the EPA’s energy information website:


This website will tell you about each form of energy by using different numbers (such as the E number). The first page will have the average electricity use for each form of energy listed.

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