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It’s all about understanding the physics. We don’t have to make it work.

How much is it about the equations? It’s about the mathematics. We are making a very accurate model, but we are not making the model with a view to doing the experiment. It’s a really cool thing to do, but we know it won’t happen. One reason for that is we do not understand the math.

Can you describe your model of matter? You can’t directly see it. You can’t control how it behaves but you can get a pretty good idea of how particles behave. It’s the most complex model because everything is so new.

What do you think of the state of physics? What is the general state of the physical universe? What is it like to be in that? This is my second question.

A common misconception is that we can make a new theory of gravity, but we can’t really make any new theories of gravity. There have been very significant advances in our understanding of gravitation, but it is still very basic – just because you know how to make a clock it doesn’t give you the ability to make a clock.

Are you saying that it’s unlikely that we will ever make a new theory of gravity? Well, it’s not certain if we are even close to making a theory of gravity. One way of interpreting your question is if somebody said, “I want to use gravity to solve a problem in a specific domain,” which might apply to quantum mechanics for instance – but in a different category than gravity.

Is it possible to solve space-time?
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There is a big, big difference between measuring the acceleration of an object versus measuring the spacetime curvature in a particular way. It’s a little vague how to make these two concepts work together, but it’s not impossible. You could try to build very precise mathematical models of gravitation and space-time which would have to be tested, but there is no reason to imagine what would happen if you try to understand it.

The idea of measuring a force, but not knowing how to measure the force, is called the “noisy universe”. It’s really quite hard. It’s very difficult to imagine what might go wrong because we are completely ignorant about what will go wrong.

What is a black hole?

A black hole is a region that you can’t see. It’s a very strange region in space-time because when we look at it with

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