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Magnetic resonance imaging scans, the diagnostic tests that use the waves of the brain to look inside the skull or body, can sometimes help explain what’s going on behind the scenes. But, as we’ve seen, those techniques can’t tell you the whole truth about the way that the brain works.

Here’s the question that will surely loom large in any discussion of whether or not free energy or a ‘vibrational’ universe is real and the truth. What about a magnetic field in reverse?

It wouldn’t be that hard to find out. The first field you’d need to study would be a magnetic field that’s flipped on and off. (In fact, I’ve recently written about my research on how to study reversals of the earth’s magnetic field.) And that’s where the magnetic resonance imaging scans come in. (One example is in Japan where scientists have just discovered that a reversal of a particular magnetic field in Japan occurs in exactly the opposite way to one in the US, thus providing the first evidence for reversing the magnetic field in reverse.)

But you don’t have to have a magnetic field in reverse to have a magnetic field somewhere else. So, if you’re still wondering about magnetism, why not look at the way your brain functions in reverse, and maybe find out why the magnetic field is reversed? (A side effects-free research project that can tell you where the magnetic field is reversals is called the TACER. In fact, an international study that uses the TACER to investigate magnetic field reversals is called the GREE and can be found here.)

How does a reversed magnetic field work?

There are a variety of ways that a reversed magnetic field can work. The simplest is that the magnetic force is just like a field. If you put a magnet on the table, one can find out why it has a stronger force than when it was at rest: because it’s the magnet with more strength.

The other way is that the magnet has no strength. For example, if I pull on a wire that’s connected to a magnetic field (say, a magnetic core), the magnetic field doesn’t cause the magnet to move. Instead, the field has no effect on the magnet itself. This is the type of reversal you will see in magnetic resonance imaging. A lot happens inside this field when it reverses, and the more you know about the magnetic field that reverses, the more useful the reversal will be with MRI.

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