Is free energy possible Tesla? – Gibbs Free Energy Equation Explained

On March 10th, 2000 a young computer whizz by the US Patent Office, a US Patent (number 7,876,869) and a US Patent (number 8,624,872) issued by the US Patent Office. Tesla was born in 1903 in New York of Hungarian noble German immigrant parents, he died in 2005.

Now here is a good description from an old Tesla book, called Solar System and the Solar System, by David E. Farr in an article for Solar Systems Magazine, November 3rd, 2008:

“Solar Power is Electric Energy. As the Sun spins the world heats up. This power is a part of the energy stored in Solar Energy Storage, which is the basic principle of all electric cars, all airplanes, all boats. It also stores Power in Light.”

Tesla described the power source as having a positive electrical field, also called an alternating current, and said alternating current is the only way to store current. Tesla also said “As it comes from the Sun that is generating the electrical field, it will be drawn to the surface of the Earth”

Here is a description of Tesla’s theory of Light from here

Another good example of Tesla’s power source as stored power is the idea of “light bulb”. “The idea of Light bulb is that all electrical power comes from the Sun and it is stored up in Light.”

Tesla’s energy storage was the first demonstration of an engine that could move electric power for an unlimited amount of time. The idea of the Tesla energy storage was that electrical power has to be stored as something to be moved, usually like a light bulb or a candle. Tesla, as well as the inventor Nikola Tesla, have worked on this idea.

“Electricity stored as Light,” Tesla said. “But it can burn in a very short time in a very short space of time. In other words it can be stored in a relatively small space and be moved a short distance.”

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Tesla described the Tesla energy storage as having a positive electrical field, same as today’s free energy technology. Tesla wrote, “The power stored is an electric charge. The difference between this and the current stored in a light bulb is a positive Field, or Electric field energy, the same as we get in free energy systems. Thus electric Energy Storage can be described and understood in its true essence as having an Electric field.”

Tesla added that, “Thus energy Storage can be made of a substance which possesses

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