Is free energy possible? – Gibbs Free Energy Equation Solving For Kc

Free energy does not mean free food. It merely means that there is no cost to extract a small, useful amount of energy through a device. For example, the Sun does not require a vacuum to shine light. The Sun uses no energy for its light. When the Earth rotates around the Sun, it emits photons, which collide with the molecules of the Earth’s atmosphere and create heat and light. Sunlight is absorbed by the atmosphere and returns to the atmosphere. If the Earth could exist in equilibrium with the Sun, there would still be no demand for sunlight when we rotated our planet around the Sun. Even if the Earth could be in the same situation with the Sun as it was 20 billion years ago, we would still have abundant solar energy when we rotated the Earth with respect to the Sun. The entire Sun’s energy would have been returned to the Earth through the Earth’s rotation. No energy requires space travel!

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In the solar system, Earth and all the other planets revolve around the Sun. Earth rotates on an axis of rotation which is always the same distance from the Sun, except for a small part of the distance between Earth and the Moon. This is due to the tidal forces: gravity pulls on the axis of rotation of Earth and moon and the rotation of the Earth causes space friction to create the Earth’s magnetic field.

Our Earth orbit has been studied for more than 60 years. There are some issues which arise with this orbit, but they should be the major issue for us to consider. In a normal Earth orbit, we move with the orbit of the Moon at a speed of 13 000 km/sec, or about 25 000 miles per hour. The speed is quite easy to understand, but some issues are more complex: we do not always return to the same point on the Moon when the orbit is taken. Because of this, we sometimes change the orbit after we get back from a moon pass over Earth. As soon as we come back from a moon pass, we do not return to the same point on the Moon, we simply rotate in front of the Earth for a few days and return to the same point again. The Earth orbits in the same direction of the Moon and, therefore, at the same speed. However, the Earth is moving at a different speed to the Moon, and we therefore need to turn in the same direction for a few days to return. Because the Moon is a small planet, it orbits in the direction of the Earth, so the Moon always returns to the same point

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