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Are we really living in a digital age? A recent conference at which I spoke presented the idea that we should all be able to communicate more and more, in an interesting way. It turns out that for some people this kind of communication was something very important – or interesting.

We all have our own experiences, and I always tell my students that one can use different words – but it must all be the same. It must be a common language. I want one key message to go out all around the world: that there is one key message among all this and all the other messages we are sending out. If you can use our common communication system of codes, emails, messages, messages everywhere, and let us all share that one message, we have the best chance to build the future.

And I think this could be done in a very short time.

It took 20 years to build the Internet. Now it is reaching the global population. The people, the governments and the companies are starting to realise how big this network is. But let me tell you, that 20 years later, we are still building the same network that we built 20 years ago. If you take our current global communications and the people are talking again, there is always the risk that there will be two things happening at the same time.

There will be a revolution, for example, in the way we will organize our communications and the people will build new digital societies. If you talk about this in terms of social justice, the people will talk to each other and to the government. And they will organize their lives with new principles. If you take these two ideas, I do not think any of me are surprised that people are starting to think about building systems that are sustainable – if we really want to build a future together.

You can also see a lot of possibilities for change. It is not only possible to communicate in a more humane way and to be more responsible in one’s environment, but also with the possibility of using technologies and sharing more with each other. If we think of things that could happen in the future, all of them will be connected to these two aspects of how we can improve the world.
using anaconda & h2o to supercharge machine learning ...

So I want to tell you again, that there is only one message and that is to change the society.

[The author is the managing director for the Foundation of the Future]

“It’s not just a game. It’s a platform, it’s a medium for expression,” writes Michael

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