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The answer lies in the history of free electricity. Free electricity has existed in the form of the light source (the light bulb) since the very early history of mankind. The idea of giving people a means of free light came about as an attempt to provide comfort to the people, especially on long travels (or journeys within the dark night). By providing a light source, people were now able to take out some of the burden from onerous labor. Because light bulbs were widely available, other means of lighting such as candles and torches were also widely available. People were able to use these means to provide light during the night. This provided a large source of free light where it otherwise would have had few options. The early attempts at free electricity involved several factors and are still being researched today using the latest technology.

Early attempts
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It was important to begin the experiment with the most efficient means of supplying a light source. Prior to the development of electricity, most people had to rely on candle and candles or candle and oil. Each of these materials could produce a light and these sources produced quite a lot of heat. While candles are still used for illumination, they are far more inefficient at producing light than the later improvements in illumination technology in the 20th century led to. The candles produced about 10-12 lumens of light. Oil lamps produce about 12-16 lumens of light and are far more efficient in producing light than candles.

In 1752, George Templeton began building the first practical power generating apparatus. The Templeton Lamp was an improvement on an earlier lamp that was used in a variety of places and was in constant operation. The first lamp was the 1802 Templeton Lamp. This was not a high end power source and required a large battery to power the lamp. After testing the Templeton Lamp, it was reported that the Templeton Lamp was the most effective power source known to man. At this time, many countries, such as Russia and Britain were experimenting with various forms of electricity. However, it was the development of the electricity power system in the USA that led to the creation of an advanced energy source. After studying the electrical design of this power system, it was discovered that the energy source would need a greater input energy than the average candle bulb.

The first practical power generating apparatus was the Templeton Lamp. George Templeton, an engineer from Cambridge, England was given charge of designing the lamp. He began by experimenting with his own invention and the first power producing apparatus was the ”

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