Is flywheel free energy possible? – Free Energy Generator Magnet Pdf Merge

When you think about flywheels, what do you think of? They are expensive, and are difficult to produce. And how are you going to get the energy to light something?

But if you think about a battery that produces light, and what you have is a charge which is proportional to the square of the amount of energy you want to send, then you have a very elegant way to make efficient flywheels.

Think of it this way. Think about a little square box, and imagine there is a square box in the middle. The square box is a grid of little cells. Each cell is connected in such a way. There are two cells connected in such a way that when you press down on one of three edges, the cell breaks open. In other words, a little piece of energy is released when you press down on that cell. So you can see here, the square box is connected in such a way that when you press down on a cell it opens, releasing a little bit of energy. Now when you try to get a charge, the cell opens and releases that little bit of energy. And that little bit of energy is sufficient to light that particular light source.

So with that simple idea, we can go all the way to electricity, and we will get a lot of the light to be emitted by that simple grid of little cells that are connected in a way that makes them open. Of course, they would never get to be as efficient as if they had no open cells, but the whole point, from an understanding of how the cells work and the way you can use them, is that you can get an improvement.

Okay, so I got a little ahead of myself, but lets back up a moment. Let’s talk a little bit about the grid then. First lets get some of the basics out of the way. In the diagram above, the three boxes are connected in such a way that if you press in one of the edges, you break a cell apart, the cell breaks open. When you press down on just one of these edges; if you press down from the left side of the box, you don’t break a cell apart. You just release a little bit of energy.

Okay, so when you think about the grid, what would that mean? How would a flywheel work? We can think of what that means if you know how the cells work. If we want to get enough energy out of these little grids to light

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