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A. The electric motor would need to be mounted high enough to give the motor enough rotational acceleration to turn the propeller. At a low RPM, only about 1.5-2.5 G might be achieved. At higher RPMs, the air is more easily compressed and thus more propulsive effect could be achieved. When a motor starts, it would not generate much power. However, by powering it through the propeller and using the motor to increase the speed, the propeller turns faster (and the torque is increased) compared to the engine. Power could only be added to the electric motor through the propeller if the propeller was spinning. But once the propeller is up, the electric motor would have no power to be used.

A. Electric Propulsion Can Lead To High Speeds and/or Low Cost

A. The electric powered aircraft has already been developed in a variety of planes. It is also being flown today. Although not as fast as in the past, aircraft with electric propulsion systems can fly at higher speeds. For example, the fastest flying aircraft made today is the Lockheed Electra 300. The Airbus A330-235 can achieve supersonic speeds of Mach 0.9. As an example, the first flight of the Airbus A350-900 made on August 20th, 2013 took just over two minutes. The Airbus A350-900 can reach an altitude of 50,000 feet and cruise at Mach 0.9 at a cruising speed of 667 MPH. The supersonic flight is achieved with just 2-4 seconds for takeoff and 3-5 seconds for landing. The jet engine has to burn fuel, and these aircraft with electric propulsion are cheaper, quicker to build, and more energy and economical for the buyer.

B. The electric aircraft with the electric motor can cost less. The airplane with electric propulsion costs just $150,000 instead of the $300,000 of the conventional propeller powered aircraft.

C. As an additional benefit, this technology could be applied to smaller aircraft with less power. It could extend the range of an aircraft which is much used by the military.

D. One of the main disadvantages of this technology is that an electric motor can only operate at a very low RPM at low altitude. The propeller needs a large amount of air to turn the propeller. When using the electric motor at high altitudes, the electric motor needs to burn a lot less fuel.

E. There is very

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