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This is called ATP-free energy. It can be used to work on other forms of energy. When you use ATP, it has only one form of energy, glucose and one form of energy, adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The energy available is expressed in terms of its molecular weight, so ATP-free energy is the amount of energy it contains.

In the body, one molecule of ATP can carry about 12.3 g of oxygen and 11.9 g of water and other molecules, about 5.4 kg.

When we take in glucose and other compounds, the body can convert it to ATP-free energy to use for other purposes. The body would lose ATP-free energy through other metabolism.

As you use ATP-free energy to move around your body, you must also expend oxygen. It requires oxygen to get enough work done and make ATP-FREE energy available. The body can’t carry all of the oxygen it needs, so it needs oxygen stores to provide this energy. If you don’t have enough oxygen, it can’t make sufficient ATP-free energy. It must go into the urine to recover.

Your total aerobic aerobic capacity (ATC)

ATP uses oxygen from your blood. Your total aerobic aerobic capacity (ATC) is the maximum amount of oxygen you can take in without making any ATP, so you have enough to work for the same amount of time.

The best way to measure your aerobic fitness is to take a test. An interval test measures your average speed (average time to reach 100% workload) for a 2 minute duration. You need to be able to run for 2 minutes to measure your average oxygen consumption per unit of time. This type of test is also useful for measuring the aerobic capacity.

You can measure your VO2 max (the amount of oxygen you can take in and oxygen consumption measured per unit of time). VO2 max is the amount of oxygen your body can use and hold for the same amount of time. A person’s VO2 max is measured using a breath test device. For this test you will need to do two cycles of 15 seconds each. Do not use the breathing devices for testing the aerobic capacity if you are trying to measure your VO2 max.

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