Is ATP free energy? – Free Energy Formula

No, but it might still have happened

(The question was raised by the American Physical Society of which the answer was: “it’s difficult to know because it is difficult to measure.”)

The difference is:

The ATP energy (the rate at which ATP is created, destroyed, and replenished) is a function of the ATP concentration, and ATP is created in a certain amount of ATP, and in the right amounts it can be taken up by ATP producing cells or taken up by ATP (or both) and then made usable. The concentration of ATP has a huge effect on the efficiency of the transport process in a cell, but this is the general effect of things.

We have been working with the measurement of ATP that was done prior to ATP-dependent metabolism. In the 1940’s, scientists measured the amount of ATP-generating reactions in cells. Since then, experiments at MIT, UCLA and elsewhere have measured ATP-generating reactions in living cells. The results are clear: the rate of ATP generation is the same in the blood cells of the human body as in cells from a mouse. A mouse’s red blood cells, unlike a human’s, are very efficient ATP-generators (and so are the red blood cells of mice).

So, as far as I can tell, the rate of ATP-generating reactions in the human body is the same as it was in the 1940’s when the first study was done.

(The most recent study is the last word, which indicates that the rate of ATP-generating reactions has increased steadily since that time. That, combined with the fact that the human blood cells have grown more efficient over the years, indicates that a change is inevitable.)

However, here’s another problem:

The amount of ATP that goes in to the cell as a result of a specific action is directly proportional to the number of ATP-gaining events that have taken place outside the cell at the same time. In other words, the amount of ATP that is transferred out of the cell in any specific reaction is directly proportional to the number of events outside the cell at the same time. Thus, it is not possible to determine the rate of transfer of ATP-gaining in one cell from another.

It’s still possible, from observation, to calculate the rate of ATP-gaining in a cell. One method is to measure just when a certain kind of reaction takes place in the cell, or when certain type of

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