How do we get energy from water? – Free Energy Generator With Magnet And Dc Motor Information

You can be sure that if you take water out of its native state and heat it to 100°F you will end up with about a pound of energy in the form of water vapor. Of course this is a gross oversimplification of the real world. The real energy we are getting from water is probably between a few hundred to a few thousand calories, so let us start with a more realistic example. According to the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH), a little water vapor contains enough energy to meet a person’s daily calorie needs for a month (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 (ACSH)

Let’s say you drank water one cup every day. That equals about a pound of water vapor with a theoretical maximum of 300-450 calories. Assuming that every day you can find enough water to fill your tank two cups then you would get enough energy to get you through a week. Or if you would like something even better, you could fill your tank an entire gallon.

I’m not saying you should go out and start drinking a gallon of extra water every day. But, if you think about it you would have plenty of extra energy to last you for the next month or so.

What about if you are stuck in a hot and humid place? You could try to boil water or use another method if you are really unlucky. But if you use more energy from water you will not be able to use heat to cool your house.

You can store energy from a warm room and use it again in a cooler environment.

However, some people think that our cells only contain about 2.5kWh/kg. If you look at Figure 2 you will see that this is probably more like 3kWh/kg. If energy is conserved then you will not need to do any work to recharge your cell. When you are home most of your time you will spend using your phone, computer, fridge, clothes, etc. Most of these energy consumers will need to use their cells even if you didn’t recharge them. However, if you are stuck in a hot and humid place, you will be able to use your cell to recharge other appliances.

Figure 2 (University of Texas / Energy Information Administration)

What does all this mean?

It means we could store energy from warm rooms and use it again in a cooler environment. What is actually going on in a hot place can be explained by the same type of “energy storage”

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