How do I make a generator? – Free Energy Generator Homemade 220V Free Electricity Generator

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How does the generator work?

The generator is a bit like a big battery that charges by running electric currents around its core. It’s made up of a number of small, round copper coils – each with a single, circular wire inside – and a ‘core’ of copper wires, one for each coil.

The core consists of a coil and a small battery. The small battery, called the ‘capacitor’, stores energy in the form of electrons. The electrical current flows around the coils in turn, creating an electromagnetic field. The field, which is caused by the coils, can change the magnetic field at the core, which has a huge effect on the field at neighbouring coils.

With some tinkering, one could make a generator that could produce large amounts of electricity with less than 0.2V.

Here’s how it works:

If you have some copper wire in the centre of the core you can use a simple method called ‘flux-current’. You will need three wires. Two of them are the ‘conductor’ (the one you want to run at the centre), the third is the ‘magnet’, which is the core wire at the end.

Cut the wires into the shape of a ‘U’, as shown below.

Now, cut those into two pairs of parallel wires. Take these together and make one long straight circuit between them. If you bend the length of the wire, it will keep the magnetic field. Wrap the end of each wire around the magnet, making sure there’s enough wire to go round the magnet and around through all of the coils. Now you’ll just need one of these.

Take one end of the core and make three parallel wires. Now make a loop across each of them. Bend each of these together in one direction, so the ends are on opposite sides of the loop. Now loop the two ends together again and make one long loop, wrapping the end of each in the other direction.

You should have a loop of copper wires. You can now connect each of them to the capacitor and the other two into one big coil. With a simple twist of the copper wires in one direction (around the magnet), they will work themselves out in a series.

Take the small capacitor on one end and connect it to

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