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Tesla’s free energy, the energy you get when you install an energy storage system in your home that has been paid for by your utility company, is generated by the magnetic induction in your home, not the natural Earth energy produced by the sun and wind. It is a far cry from solar power, which requires sunlight to be absorbed by the solar panels, thus generating power. Free energy, it turns out, is a far better energy source than all the power sources on Earth. Even though solar panels produce power, the system produces power that is directly proportional to the amount of energy being absorbed, not the output, or energy generated.

Tesla’s Energy Storage Free Energy

Free energy is generated when a magnetic coil at the surface of your home or building is turned on. The coil is called a Tesla coil or Tesla Power Coil. The coil has what is called an induction coil. In a home, the coil is a metal tube placed over a metal panel. If you turn the home on, an electromagnetic wave in the tube is triggered, and it causes a small amount of electric current to circulate, which creates the heating and ionizing power in the panel. The energy in the panel is created and then stored in the cylinder, and that electric current is available to the Tesla Power Coil to draw on.

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Free energy in a Tesla coil

How Does Free Energy Work?

Your utility company provides you a free electricity source that can be used to help you use less electricity. But you can use the free electricity to do so. For example, you can put a piece of plywood over the electrical wires at a substation and turn on your home’s transformer that turns electricity into alternating current. Instead of paying your electric company for free electricity, you can get paid for the electricity you use. This is really free energy. If you turn your home on and off by putting plywood on the wires, your Tesla coil produces free AC power to get electricity to your home from your utility company’s grid, and you pay for that electricity.

The most common way for this free energy to be used is through solar panels, which generate power directly in the solar cells, and are free to install. The energy from the solar panels actually goes through the solar panel and into the transformer, providing free electricity if no solar panels are installed on your home.
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Solar panels and Free Energy

Solar panels generate energy as they collect sunlight. The more electricity you use, the more

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