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You probably already know that Tesla, a car company, has long promised to deliver free energy to residents in certain metropolitan areas. Today, it is doing so in two cities in the U.S. and Germany, and the company plans to provide free energy by the end of the year for the first time in Switzerland, its home country.

Now, in addition to providing more free energy to users who purchase an energy storage unit in its Tesla Powerpack storage facility , a Tesla CEO named Elon Musk says it is likely to be extended to all regions of the world. In fact, it’s already done so in parts of Europe — and that is quite a step up from the current policy of charging a fee for use of the facility.


You now have to pay for the ability to generate your own energy, and to have your energy be used when and where you request it. As it stands, in California state law, you must use 25% of your energy for electric vehicles. In Switzerland, they are charging customers 10% for use of their facility. In Switzerland you simply pay for your choice over a 24-hour period.

Why are you calling for a Tesla-approved free energy policy?

If you drive around California you might think it’s a great idea — and that is because in California, free electricity is already provided to customers in the form of residential renewable energy certificates.

But it’s a great idea in Switzerland. While Tesla has no plans to provide any free energy, in the Swiss city of Basel, and on the north side of Lake Constance, Tesla has offered solar customers free electricity for more than a year. Tesla founder Elon Musk even came here to give a demonstration to some local business owners as part of the company’s SolarCity program. Tesla has also partnered with the City of Basel and with the Swiss Energy Agency to develop a plan whereby customers who purchase energy from any electricity supplier can be compensated by the electricity company with an equivalent amount of energy free of charge. This would be a much fairer and more efficient way to provide free energy. So this is an expansion of a program that is currently underway and on its way to the U.S.
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Why is this expansion important?

In the world of solar, free energy has become a hot topic. In Germany, free energy is provided to all consumers through a residential energy rebate program, though that is only available to those with rooftop solar. A lot of companies in Europe are following

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