How did Tesla’s free energy work? – Bayesian Model Evidence

Tesla used something called a “quantum well” – in the real world, it’s called an advanced battery.

It’s a special type of battery. It uses special materials to work at a higher energy level than conventional batteries to increase the range of Tesla’s cars. To be exact, Tesla was able to store energy in a battery up to 9.2 times bigger than what a typical cell found in a typical car today can store.

How does the energy really get there?

For more details on why Musk says it works, read this explainer article. For the short version, it’s by necessity, the energy is created within the device.

Tesla says that the energy is released as the car accelerates, and the increased power of the energy allows the car to travel the same distance in less time – and it does this by combining the energy of the Tesla’s super-charging station with that of the car’s battery.

Will I see free energy at some point in the future?

Musk says yes.

The next upgrade will feature the use of a super-charger – a system capable of charging both internal and external battery packs – bringing the total up to more than 10,000 miles of range per charge. That’s the equivalent distance from New York to San Francisco in about 7,000 miles.

We don’t expect to find that level of energy at first or for a while. But if things progress, Tesla promises Tesla owners will eventually be able to run at least 10,000 miles without a charge using a standard car.

What’s the bottom line here?

The energy stored in the Tesla’s battery is more powerful than any other energy source currently used in cars. It’s also far smaller than the energy you’d use to charge your phone.

It’s the equivalent amount of total energy in an electric battery.

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