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There are a number of ways to make a magnet, the ones shown below are the simplest. You can use standard magnets or mix and match magnet materials depending how you want your magnet to look.

Magnet Material

It will depend on the materials you use.

Tin Metal (or other metal sheet)






Ammo is another component we use to create our magnets. It is a substance made up of iron, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen. The iron ion creates an electric field, and the other elements can absorb or reflect it. So what you are left with is pure oxygen, with a specific volume. The more the alloy has of the element, the heavier it will be.

It’s the atoms that matter, and the amount of material a material has, that determines its special magnetic properties. Tin and copper are both good for making magnets. Tin is a weak magnet, and has little effect on objects, but copper is more versatile. Copper is stronger than tin, so using copper for a magnet is best to avoid causing harm to your hands.

Sticking of your magnet

Sticking is a form of attraction between the magnet and a surface, where you want a strong force to be attracted to the magnet. If it sticks there will be a large force. Most magnets will be solid, or have a small ball magnet inside a larger body.

A solid magnet needs a large force to stick to it. So if you are trying to stick a large magnet to a surface like glass, you don’t want any unwanted surface area sticking to the magnet.

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Other things can affect how hard you can stick onto the magnet.

Aluminium may reduce its ability to stick. This is because aluminum has the weak force of the atom inside, and also because aluminium can act as a gas and pull other things away from your magnet.

Plastic could also be a problem, and also because it doesn’t conduct an electric current. So a plastic magnet will make it difficult to have a strong force on the metal component of the magnet.

We always suggest buying something cheap. When we sell a magnet it comes with an AC adapter, which you could use to stick it to a wall or other electrical outlet. This is the best method to use if you don’t want to buy a permanent magnet.

You can buy AC

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